Unleashing Individual Potential through an Analytical Experience:

Regardless of the path one walks in life, some may be touched by the hand of fate to look inward, to discover and learn the language of the soul. The stimulus – that ‘touch’ – may arrive in the form of a traumatic experience or relationship, a deep relentless feeling or maladaptive pattern, a health crisis, or simply an unexplainable urge to explore the mystery of life. Jungian analysis offers a safe, protected space to engage with soul, and explore the vicissitudes of life to unveil the meaningful threads that weave one’s very individual story.

Traumatic experiences are recorded and stored in the body, and carry long-term implications if not adequately mourned and integrated. Such traumas may result from physical and psychological abuse, loss of a loved one or relationship, as well as severe or chronic illness. Unprocessed traumas and/or repetitive maladaptive patterns have the impact of limiting one’s access to joy, fulfillment, creativity, and achievement of goals. From a Jungian perspective, all symptoms are an attempt of the body soul toward healing, and analysis seeks to unmask and unleash the intrinsic ‘medicine’ in the vulnerable wound.

Jungian Analysis is a process by which one tenderly engages with the longings, the wounds, and the known – as well as those yet undeveloped – talents of the body/soul.  One’s conscious awareness is ‘grown’ by communion with this unconscious sphere, and such open dialogue results in healing expansion of both.  The process requires commitment to one’s inner world, while the effort carries the potential of priceless returns: enhanced physical and psychological vitality, compassionate loving of self and others, more nourishing relationships, and the experience of potent generativity, regardless of one’s physical limitations or age.